Miscellaneous ROOT style/Latex questions


I have a few style questions I was not able to find answers by perusing the ROOT

First, Latex fonts in ROOT: I was not able to find the table/picture that shows
the names, numbers and examples of all defined fonts (like in the PAW manual),
so I have to do trial-and-error like

TLatex l;

to see what font I get.

Second, I was not able to find a symbol for the “percent” sign in the ROOT Latex
Class - the ROOT manual gives the table of mathematical symbols, but
% sign is missing. I tried

l.DrawLatex (0.1,0.133*h2000->GetMaximum(),Form("#epsilon=%.2f #pm %.2f #%",
t,st) );

but that does not work so I have to spell it like

l.DrawLatex (0.1,0.133*h2000->GetMaximum(),Form("#epsilon=%.2f #pm %.2f percent",
t,st) );

Third, when I split canvas into 3 pads like

c1 = new TCanvas("c1","PEN06 Fit Canvas",10,10,700,950);
TPad *pad = new TPad("pad","PEN06 Fit Pad",0.1,0.1,0.98,0.98);

I get the area around 3 pads framed and the default background color outside
the plotted graphs grey (or greyish): I would lke to have no frames and clean white
background throughout the picture (not just inside the graph).

                                                                           Cheers, Emil