Misalignment of subscripts in root axis title

Dear All,

I noted a small misalignment of the subscripts in the root axis title.

mpxgr01->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("(L_{MPX}-L_{ATLAS})/L_{ATLAS} (%)");

Apparently in the attached plot, MPX, ATLAS and ATLAS is not aligned, although the axis definition looks identical.

Thank you for some advice

mpxgr01->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("(^{}L_{MPX}-^{}L_{ATLAS})/^{}L_{ATLAS} (%)");

Thank you.

I have added the ^{} in the three places. The plot remains unchanged. The indices are still visibly misaligned.

Any other idea?

Try my improved string.

the improved string works for me. Try:

root [0] TLatex *t = new TLatex
root [1] t->DrawLatex(.5,.5,"(L_{MPX}-L_{ATLAS})/L_{ATLAS} (%)")
root [2] t->DrawLatex(.5,.3,"(^{}L_{MPX}-^{}L_{ATLAS})/^{}L_{ATLAS} (%)")

Perfect. Merci.