Minuit2Minimizer/RooRealMPEF Error when fit with TRExFitter

Hi, experts, I met an error when I fit with CRONLY and BONLY setup and using TRexFitter v22., the error message showed like the png:
Minuit2Minimizer: Minimize with max-calls 116000 convergence for edm <0.01 stratge 1
RooRealMPEF::evaluate(nll_simPdf_obsData_4cc51500_MPEF0) ERROR: unexpected message from server process: 536870912.
I think the ‘max-calls 116000’ is relevant to the systematics I added, if I commented some NPs, the value decreased and the fit could be done.
Is there any set that can change to include all the NPs without breaking when running the fit?

Sorry, the version of TRexFitter v24 is what I used.

TRexFitter isn’t ROOT; maybe try to contact its authors?

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