Minuit2 For Windows

Hi all,

Completely new to Root. I am trying to install Minuit2 on Windows10. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.

Are you trying to use the Minuit2 interface which is a part of your ROOT distribution (if yes, which ROOT version do you use?) or are you trying to use the standalone Minuit2 library (independent / outside of ROOT)?

I am trying to use the stand alone version of the Minuit2 library to do function fitting.

I guess you should take the GooFit/Minuit2 version (the newest standalone version that exists?) and then see its “test” subdirectory and: Minuit2 User Guide -> A complete example

While Minuit2 as part of ROOT works on Windows, I do not know whether the standalone version has Windows support. Also, its build system was changed recently, maybe @henryiii knows?

The standalone version, inside ROOT, works on Windows. I don’t have CI for it, since ROOT doesn’t have that directly available (only on Jenkins), but I did test it before merging.

Check the docs here for building: https://github.com/root-project/root/tree/master/math/minuit2. You can build it straight from the ROOT source, just cmake /root/math/minuit2 from a build directory.

(The one in GooFit’s github namespace should be identical as well as I copy from ROOT).

I’d like to get the files added here: http://project-mathlibs.web.cern.ch/project-mathlibs/minuit/release/download.html, but haven’t had any success.

Thank you all for your help. Since I will probably use other ROOT libraries in the future, I think I might just download ROOT for Windows, instead of downloading only the Minuit2 library. I use CodeBlocks on Windows. Does it matter which version of ROOT I download?

Happy New Year to all!