Minuit2 stand-alone

I’ve created a stand-alone version of Minuit2. It is available at https://github.com/GooFit/Minuit2. It is completely unchanged from the ROOT source; in fact, it comes with a script to re-sync with the ROOT source. The only change is the addition of CMake files, the sync script, and a readme.

It is currently being used in GooFit if ROOT is not present or if ROOT was not built with Minuit2 support. There already has been some use outside of GooFit, as well. The included CMake build system build includes support for building as a subproject or installing, and exports targets.

I would like to get this project moved into the rootlib GitHub account, and to get a new posting of it on http://lcgapp.cern.ch/project/cls/work-packages/mathlibs/minuit/index.html. Would this be possible?

Thanks, Henry

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