Minos errors not calculated

While running Roofit with Minos switched on, the some errors are missing. The status is still successful. Here is an example of such an output.

The ROOT version is 6.12.
Can you please suggest how to fix this issue?

Thank you,

Hi @sochandr, welcome to the ROOT forum!

What you report is unexpected, normally it should print something for NEGATIVE and POSITIVE. But it’s hard to say without more information. Can you provide all the necessary files to reproduce this output? And have you tried with a newer ROOT version by the way? Maybe this is related to an issue that was fixed in the meantime. The ROOT version 6.12 is already a few years old.


Hi Jonas,

I am attaching the fitting code and the output log file. Unfortunately, the input file size is greater than the given limit here. I used the root version 6.22 and the problem is still there.

output_log.txt (49.7 KB)
plot.root (8.8 KB)
unbinned_fit_pp_pol2.C (3.1 KB)

Thank you,

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