Minimization of several functions

Suppose I have a several functions of three parameters:

F1(a,b,c) = 0
F2(a,b,c) = 0
F3(a,b,c) = 0
F4(a,b,c) = 0
F5(a,b,c) = 0
F6(a,b,c) = 0
F7(a,b,c) = 0

I want to “solve” this system for a, b, and c.
In other words I want to get the best fit for a,b,c for a given constraints.
What should I look at? Minuit? - I’m not sure…

Hi Andrey,

I guess your weapon of choice will be TMinuit(2) which will find for you
the minimum of a function for the parameters a, b and c.
You will have to decide about your “scale” :

Minimize F1^2+F2^2+…+F7^2 or something like
abs(F1)+abs(F2)+…+abs(F7) or you can add in the sum different