Minimalistic example how to use ROOT::Math::MixMaxEngine class?


I would like to test the newly added MixMax RNG but I cannot find any example how to use the generator.

Can somebody please post a minimalistic example how to do that? I can only find examples which involves predefined RNGs TRandom[1-3] but I cannot find anywhere how to work with RNG engines objects.

Thanks a lot!

Hello Jirka,

Here you can find a minimalist example using MixMax via the ROOT::Math::Random class, instead of TRandom, an interface already existing in ROOT.
If you have any question please let me know

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exampleMixMax.C (685 Bytes)

Hi Lorenzo,

thanks a lot for the example file. Unfortunately, it seems that latest binary version of root does not have MixMax RNG included. Do I need to download the sources from GIT and compile it?

In file included from input_line_9:1:
/root/exampleMixMax.C:3:10: fatal error: ‘Math/MixMaxEngine.h’ file not found
#include “Math/MixMaxEngine.h”

I run most recent binary version of root:
From heads/v6-04-00-patches@v6-04-06-59-gdfc0d28, Nov 04 2015, 15:13:32

Could anybody please advise if there a binary version of ROOT for Linux with MINMAX available?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Jirka,

MixMax is not present in the 6.04 series but in the master.
The first release featuring it is 6.05/02. It will be of course present in the forthcoming 6.06/00 release.


Hi Danilo,

thanks for the hint! I have just realized there is 6.05 release available (Release 6.05/02 - 2015-09-14).

FYI - I strongly vote to change the MixMax default N value from 256 to 240. The generator with N=256 is failing PractRand statistical test. The generator with N=240 is using another form of matrix and has so far passed my tests. I’m not sure what is the official way to request a change. Is there some ticket system to report the issue?


Hi Jirka,

thanks for following this up. We use Jira.
You can find the instructions about how to submit a ticket here: