Microsoft C++ std::runtime_error in FromCSV

e3.cpp (2.7 KB)
CMakeLists.txt (525 Bytes)

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ROOT Version: 6.28
Platform: windows 10
Compiler: visual studio community 2022 C++

I run the df014_CSVDataSource.C File Reference in visual studio, find a error and I need help to solve it。please see the attachments.

Do you have any warning when building your application? Like for example:

The C++ standard in this build does not match ROOT configuration (201703L); this might cause unexpected issues. And please make sure you are using the -Zc:__cplusplus compilation flag

Because I don’t understand why you have these lines:

  set_property(TARGET e3 PROPERTY CXX_STANDARD 20)

I.e. I don’t see how the C++ standard depends on the CMake version… You must use the same standard than ROOT itself (c++17)

No such warning when building.
I have change c++20 to c++17, the problem is also being.

OK, so I can compile and start the process without any error, but I would need also the data (csv) file in order to try (1.2 MB)

OK, thanks, I have no problem with your code:

Do you run it in visual studio 2022 and in windows 10?

on the VS 2022 command prompt, Windows 11 (but it shouldn’t matter)

Can you try it by Ctrl + F5?

Same thing

I think I know what’s going on. On Windows, one cannot mix Debug/Release builds (runtime). Can you try to build in RelWithDebInfo mode?

Let me say it again: not in debug mode

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I run it in release mode, it is ok now.
Thanks very much.

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