Merging root created ps-files

Hi all.

I am trying to put several single-page .ps files created by my root script into one .ps file with several pages so it would be more comfortable to look through. My problem is that linux utility psmerge doesn’t work well with it (for the reason of my incompetence, i guess), and i cannot make my script open existing .ps file and just add pages to it. I tryed TPostScript class for this purpose, but not succeeded.

I’m aware of possibility of creating ps files with numerous pages within root script, but that doesn’t suit my purposes. So i would apreciate if someone helped me with this. I’m working at lxplus’s slc linux with root 4.02/00 and i can send cuple of my .ps files if needed.



I do not know why psmerge is not working for ROOT PS file. The documentation I have on it is very vague (man pages). And it says: