Merge TPolyLine3D objects


I am doing some simple 3D line drawing for a simple event display. I have created many TPolyLine3D objects to be drawn but I would like to merge some of these together. Maybe the method TPolyLine3D::Merge(TCollection*) is what I want, but the others TPolyLine3Ds are not TCollections as far as I can tell. Further TCollection is an abstract base clase and I should not attempt to make an instance of this and use it’s member TCollection::Add(…) to group things.

Basically what I want is something like addition for TPolyLine3Ds, does it exist, I actually haven’t just tried the ‘+’ operator, because it didn’t seem to be defined from the online documentation.


TPolyLine3D is a very basic and simple object. Basically it is 3 arrays you can draw. It is to be kept simple because it is use by several higher level classes. So there is no such tool to merge them. Making a procedure to merge x y z vectors is quite simple indeed.