Meaning of values returned by RooFitResult::status(..)?

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is the meaning of the different values returned by RooFitResult::status(..) documented somewhere ?

I see for example non-zero values like 3, 300, 302 and 303 but it’s not clear to me what they mean in detail.

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This values depends on the Minimizer used for fitting. For example if you are using Minuit2, you will have:

  status = 0    : OK
  status = 1    : Covariance was mad  epos defined
   status = 2    : Hesse is invalid
   status = 3    : Edm is above max
   status = 4    : Reached call limit
   status = 5    : Any other failure

(see … r:Minimize)

If you run also Hesse and/or Minos the status will be updated. See … izer:Hesse … MinosError

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Hello Lorenzo,

thanks a lot for the reply ! In fact, I’m mostly using Minuit2 for the minimzation.

So what I see from your links is that in summary the status is (for Minuit2):

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Yes, this is correct !

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