MCstudy: how to plot the actual pull

Hi all, I’m working on a RooMCStudy and I want to plot the pull. What I want is fitted parameters - the initial value of the parameter (the latter is shown in the dashed line), to show any biases in the fit.
Using plotPull (second row of the plot) does not give me the result I want, because what it does is fitted parameters - mean of the fitted parameter, so it’s centered in 0, that is not what I want.
This is what I used for the second row of the plot:
mcstudy.plotPull(N_list[j], Bins=MCbins, FitGauss=True)
where N_list[j] contains the fitted yields for the j-th variable.
I would like to plot N_list[j]-yields[j], where yields is the list of the nominal yields I used in the input of the simulation, but I can’t do this operation because N_list is a RooRealVar, while yields is a simple list of numbers.

I hope someone can help me!

yields_MCstudy.pdf (48.7 KB)


@moneta and @jonas can perhaps give a hand, thanks!

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