Matrix Method with HistFactory


I’m trying to implement a data-driven estimation of the QCD fake-leptons background for top quark physics based on the so-called “matrix method” using HistFitter. Following the examples, I see I can estimate the signal strength and sample scale factors based on pre-made histograms, but in my case I would like to find a way to build the background template as a function of other samples (namely, data, signal and other MC background). Is there a neat way to do it in HistFitter? In particular, I need to estimate the fake and real efficiencies for tight and loose selections, which are in turn yet other parameters to be evaluated.

Any suggestion would be very appreciated.



I think this is a question more for HistFitter and not the HistFactory. HistFItter is not pat of ROOT, it is maybe better you ask directly to their authors

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