Matrices with complex numbers

I am currently trying to compute some transfer functions for some detector devices and I need to be able to invert some matrices that are filled with complex numbers and not only real numbers. From what I can see in the documentation of TMatrix, only double and float are allowed but I couldn’t find a way to include some TComplex numbers. Does any one know how to do it with ROOT?
Thanks a lot for your help and consideration.
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Hi Julien,

did you try SMatrix?
For example: ROOT::Math::SMatrix<TComplex, 3, 3>.
This can help you representing complex matrices.


Since the request for complex matrices is made again, let me remind
you of the (obvious) solution with real matrices, as I stated 10 yrs ago
on this forum:

suppose : (A + i B) (x + i y) = w + i z

this can be cast in the following form :

( A -B ) ( x ) = ( w )
( B A ) ( y ) = ( z )

of course now your n x n matrix is 2n x 2n .