\\mathscr{P} not working

I am trying to write \mathscr{P} as the
Title for the x-axis of a graph. But this is not working. But for other alphabets, this is giving a calligraphic letter. Can anyone suggest me how to resolve this issue.

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What do you want to achieve exactly?

Thanks for your quick reply. I want to write the calligraphic font for letter P.

It seems mathsrc works for all letters but not for P … let me investigate.

Really weird:

void calligraphic()
   auto t01 = new TLatex(.1,.9,"A : \\mathscr{A}"); t01->Draw();
   auto t02 = new TLatex(.1,.8,"B : \\mathscr{B}"); t02->Draw();
   auto t03 = new TLatex(.1,.7,"C : \\mathscr{C}"); t03->Draw();
   auto t04 = new TLatex(.1,.6,"D : \\mathscr{D}"); t04->Draw();
   auto t05 = new TLatex(.1,.5,"E : \\mathscr{E}"); t05->Draw();
   auto t06 = new TLatex(.1,.4,"F : \\mathscr{F}"); t06->Draw();
   auto t07 = new TLatex(.1,.3,"G : \\mathscr{G}"); t07->Draw();
   auto t08 = new TLatex(.1,.2,"H : \\mathscr{H}"); t08->Draw();
   auto t09 = new TLatex(.1,.1,"I : \\mathscr{I}"); t09->Draw();

   auto t11 = new TLatex(.2,.9,"J : \\mathscr{J}"); t11->Draw();
   auto t12 = new TLatex(.2,.8,"K : \\mathscr{K}"); t12->Draw();
   auto t13 = new TLatex(.2,.7,"L : \\mathscr{L}"); t13->Draw();
   auto t14 = new TLatex(.2,.6,"M : \\mathscr{M}"); t14->Draw();
   auto t15 = new TLatex(.2,.5,"N : \\mathscr{B}"); t15->Draw();
   auto t16 = new TLatex(.2,.4,"O : \\mathscr{O}"); t16->Draw();
   auto t17 = new TLatex(.2,.3,"P : \\mathscr{P}"); t17->Draw();
   auto t18 = new TLatex(.2,.2,"Q : \\mathscr{Q}"); t18->Draw();
   auto t19 = new TLatex(.2,.1,"R : \\mathscr{R}"); t19->Draw();

   auto t21 = new TLatex(.3,.9,"S : \\mathscr{S}"); t21->Draw();
   auto t22 = new TLatex(.3,.8,"T : \\mathscr{T}"); t22->Draw();
   auto t23 = new TLatex(.3,.7,"U : \\mathscr{U}"); t23->Draw();
   auto t24 = new TLatex(.3,.6,"V : \\mathscr{V}"); t24->Draw();
   auto t25 = new TLatex(.3,.5,"W : \\mathscr{W}"); t25->Draw();
   auto t26 = new TLatex(.3,.4,"X : \\mathscr{X}"); t26->Draw();
   auto t27 = new TLatex(.3,.3,"Y : \\mathscr{Y}"); t27->Draw();
   auto t28 = new TLatex(.3,.2,"Z : \\mathscr{Z}"); t28->Draw();

Only P is falling:

I am facing the same issue. The mathscr is failing.

Is it possible to use mathcal in ROOT6.

I have contacted the author of this code (TMathText). I have not clue why only P is not working.