I just have a small feature request,
Is it possible to have for each marker a corresponding color mirrored marker? For example:

  • the white diamond is there, but not a black one
  • the white triangle (top down) is there, but not a black one
  • the white swiss cross is there, but not a black one.

These additional markers could be usefull when one wants to show graphs with pairs of similar data.

Thank you!

This extension can be done. I think it was already on our wish list. It a bit long to code because it should be done for:

  • screen
  • ps
  • svg
  • gif

This is wrong. You meant (I guess):

  • the white triangle bottom-up is there but not the up-bottom one

I am implementing them. It needs a bit of time to test. I’ll let you know.

This is now implemented in the SVN trunk