Markers in SVG

When I try to save plots as SVG it seems like not all of the markers are drawn in the saved file. Markers 20, 21, 33, and 34 (circles, squares, diamonds, and crosses) for example do not appear in the saved file. Changing these to 22, 23, or 29 causes them to be drawn correctly. Are these just not implemented in SVG or is there a workaround?

All the markers types are implemented see:

But It is true that the some svg operators like are not shown properly on all web browsers.
I ran a macro generating all markers type. I then generated the corresponding SVG file.
This file looks ok when I open with illustrator… but Chrome and Safari do not show the circles…

There nothing I can do about that…

Ah ok, thanks for the quick reply. Sad to learn that webkit doesn’t have full svg support yet though :frowning: . This ( is a good link for more information in case anybody searches and finds this thread in the future.