Marker size in TLegend


I’d like to draw a TLegend, say
leg1->AddEntry(h1, “data”,“P”);
but with increased marker size w.r.t. that in the h1 object (in my case h1 is a TGraphAsymmErrors).

I’ve tried modifying the marker size of the h1 object after drawing h1 and before drawing the legend, but it increases both marker sizes, not only the one in the TLegend.

Thanks in advance for your help!


As explained here, AddEntry returns a TLegendEntry which inherits from TAttMarker. Try to change the marker size of the TLegendEntry returned by AddEntry.

I got the leg entry object via
TLegendEntry *lE = leg->AddEntry(“h”, “text”, “lep”);
The operation doesn’t lead to any changes ? Do I do an update or something ?

Yes you are right the marker size in the legend is the same as the marker size for the drawn object. It cannot be changed on the legend entry itself.