Marker size according to data points

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Is it possible to draw a graph where the each data point has a different size!?
As can be done in pyplot scatter plot.


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To achieve such plot, I would say you should define a TMultigraph that includes several TGraph. Each TGraph with a SetMarkerSize with a different value. I did not try but it should work.

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ROOT is fexlible enough to produce easily a such plot with a simple macro.
In graphsizemarker.C (503 Bytes) I wrote a small generic function doing that. You can copy and use it in your code.

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Many thanks for the suggestion and the code

in case you want to profit of a real TGraph (fitting etc)
you can do the att trick:
graph_var_points.C (678 Bytes)
Draw an invisible graph and overlay with markers of your choice.


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Thanks Otto. This one makes it a bit more modular. graph_var_points.C (883 Bytes)

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Interesting, Many thanks