Making sWeighted Distributions

Dear Experts,

I have a a root file which has the sWeights and i want to make the sWeighted distributions of some other variables which are there in the same root file. In all the examples that I have looked into, the sWeights are computed after the fit. In my case I already have the sWeights. I have also gone through the documentation here but here too, the sweights are being calculated with the fit…

Would you please help me handle this. Here’s the root file that i want to use for_sWeights.root

I am not sure I understand the question. If you have already the sWeights you can use as normal event weight for something like plotting. In principle you can also use them for performing a new fits, by adding them as event weight.
If you still have doubts, please provide an example of what you would like to do.



Thank you @moneta.

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