Makefile:151: recipe for target 'all' failed

Hello to everyone,
I need Root on Ubuntu 16.04 but I have some problems on the installation. I am trying to install the latest version root-6.10.00, to do so I unpacked the downloaded root file and from terminal:

cd /opt/root-6.10.00
mkdir buildRoot
cd buildRoot
cmake /opt/root-6.10.00

After that the cmake works I typed " $make -j8 ".

The compiling stopped after a while and gave this errors: make_result.tar.gz (2.1 KB)

I couldn’t find anything related to that type of error on the web, how should I proceed?

The errors you get are coming from includes in /usr/local/include/X11/ … are you sure X11 is properly installed on you machine ? did the make configuration worked smoothly ?

I reinstalled X11, check with " xdpyinfo " and the informations that I retrieved are fine.

Here you can find the cmake result: cmake.tar.gz (3.3 KB)
There are some features disabled and some tests at the end failed but I couldn’t managed to fix them…

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