Macro in directory with a complicated name

If I have a very simple macro named in /Users/surrutiaquir/Downloads,

void helloscript()
  cout << "hello world!" << endl;

I’m able to run it smoothly:

$ root -l -b
root [0] 
hello world!

However, if I move the file to a directory with a more complicated name (/Users/surrutiaquir/Dropbox/HEP/[Research] My Papers/[PUC] IDM at the LHC (inconcluso)/nyx) I get the following error:

root -l -b
root [0]
Error in <TApplication::ExecuteFile>: macro not found in path .:/Users/surrutiaquir/Software/Python/envs/root6/macros

What might be the reason? Thanks a lot for your input.

ROOT Version: 6.26/02
Platform: macosx64
Compiler: clang

Did you cd to that folder before running root ?

Yes, I did

That’s weird… can you do:

  1. cd the_directory_with_complicated_name
  2. pwd
  3. ls *.cc


This is odd. If I do

$ cd /Users/surrutiaquir/Dropbox/HEP/\[Research\]\ My\ Papers/\[PUC\]\ IDM\ at\ the\ LHC\ \(inconcluso\)/nyx
$ pwd
/Users/surrutiaquir/Dropbox/HEP/[Research] My Papers/[PUC] IDM at the LHC (inconcluso)/nyx
$ ls *.cc

everything works, but if I run

$ cd /Users/surrutiaquir/Dropbox/HEP/[Research] My Papers/[PUC] IDM at the LHC (inconcluso)/nyx
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

I get that error message.

Yes, the 2nd cd does not work because the spaces are not escaped with \

Thanks a lot for the clarification!