MacOs 11.5: Can't execute root through terminal

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ROOT Version:6.24
Platform:MacOs 11.5

Dear co-rooters,

I downloaded the pkg file for the 6.24 version and installed it on my Mac 11.5 using the installer. I can find root on my Applications folder but when I navigate there through the terminal and execute root, this happens:

$ root
roots: insufficient input: client URL must to be provided
$ ./root
./root: can't start ROOT -- check that /Applications/root_v6.24.06/bin/bin/root.exe exists!

I’m able to run other commands (i.e. hadd) and root loads when double clicking on the executable, through finder.

Note that I sourced
$ROOTSYS and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH look reasonable

$ echo $ROOTSYS

Any idea?
Note that I’m new to MacOs.

Thanks in advance!

Did you execute the script ?

$ source $ROOTSYS/bin/

Yes, I did.
I noticed that if I directly execute root

$ /Applications/root_v6.24.06/bin/root

it works but if I navigate to /Applications/root_v6.24.06/bin and then


I get

./root: can't start ROOT -- check that /Applications/root_v6.24.06/bin/bin/root.exe exists!

The reason is that the directory /Applications/root_v6.24.06/bin/bin/ doesn’t exist. I don’t know why root is set-up to look for /Applications/root_v6.24.06/bin/bin/

I can reproduce this! Very curios. I have opened to track this - thanks for reporting! You can also just run root i.e. without leading ./ to work around this bug.

I can work around that for sure!
I just wanted to let you guys know in case other people had issues!
Happy to help!