[Mac ARM] Build error XRootD


I have been trying to install ROOT with clang++/clang compiler and in such configuration I get an issue with xrootd due to Open SSL. I don’t know why the issue appears only when requesting clang compilation.

I tried to build on my own xrootd (last version) and the issue appeared in the last version of xrootd.
I located my OpenSSL directory installed with brew on my mac and it worked.
So I don’t know if I had done something wrong before, but this is now working for me.
I hope this helps someone or finding a fix… Although I still don’t know how to tell the ‘builtin’ xrootd version where is open ssl.
root-xrootd.txt (981.2 KB)
(NB: I relocated xrootd providing XRDSYS variable)

May be this thread can help.

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