Long Parameter Names Hide Stats

I’ve noticed that if I create a function with a long parameter name when I display the parameter values they either do not display the uncertainty for the parameter or do not display the parameter at all. This can even occur if the display line is quite short due to the inclusion of latex. It seems to be dependent on the length of the string passed to TF1::SetParName(). I use the following code to demonstrate:

void test() 
   TH1F *hist = new TH1F("hist","hist",100,-5,5); 
   TF1 *fit = new TF1("fit","gaus",-5,5); 
   fit->SetParName(0,"Parameter with very very long name"); 
   fit->SetParName(1,"Latex name #rightarrow #leftarrow"); 
   fit->SetParName(2,"Parameter with very very very very long name"); 

Which gives the the following plot:

It would be preferable if the name and variable value and error were displayed but at least that the variable value and error received preference.

thanks for reporting.
I am investigating.

Now fixed in the trunk and in 5.34.
Thanks for reporting.