Link a root file

I am new to root. Probably this is simple problem but i can’t get out.
I have a root file in one of my directory. I am trying to open it and analyze it. I use

[] TFile f ("…root")

It does not open.

But i open the same file through TBrowser and use the same above commend then it opens.
Why is this?

I think there is problem in linking the root file. Can you please give some ideas to link root file directly to TBrowser.


what is the path of the file? from which directory are you invoking root? what is the error you see?

Path is

this does not tell much. If we cannot reproduce the issue, I am afraid we won’t be able to help you.

Path is

When i use the command:
[] TFile f ("")

It shows file does not exist

but when i open TBrowser , Open that root file from TBrowser and use the same command, it works…

This is not enough for reproducing the issue. What operating system are you on? Which root release? Can you share the file?
I can guarantee that this functionality is and was rather well tested.

we also need to know what is … For instance if has spaces it will open nicely with TBrowser but not with a script. Depending on the system you are working on, you will be able escape the spaces like:

 TFile f ("/home/prakash/clas/Eg6/A\\ file\\ with\\ spaces.root")