Linestyle in contour plots made with cont5 (Delaunay tri.)

I found impossible to change the line, color and width of contours made with cont5 option (using Delaunay triangulation). The standard options such as SetLineWidth, SetLineColor, SetLineStyle

The relevant part of the code is:

 TGraph2D* graph_mh = new TGraph2D(num, data[0], data[1], data[2]);  
  graph_mh->GetHistogram()->SetContour(7, mhcont); 
  graph_mh->Draw("CONT5 SAME") 

The contours always look the same whatever I choose for an argument of SetLineWidth etc.

Similar problems do NOT appear when I am using other options e.g. cont3. However, cont5 is much more accurate and in some cases it really makes a difference whether cont5 or cont3 is used

Hope someone can help…

I’ll check

Fixed in the svn trunk. Thanks for reporting.