Line style in printed files (Interpreted vs Compiled code)

Dashed lines in graphs (and histograms) seem to differ in appearance for compiled and interpreted code and for different types of output files.

If the code is interpreted (using .L and then running at command line) the canvas displayed on the screen has the normal dashed line and the eps, png, and gif files all have the dashed line.

However, if the code is compiled and then run, the dashed line appears correctly in the eps file but in png and gif files, it appears as a solid line. Is there a way to make these lines appear dashed as well?

A sample piece of code demonstrating this is below. The code was run using:
root [0] .L
root [1] main()

and also
g++ root-config --cflags root-config --libs

I used display to look at the png and gif files.

I am using Root version 5.14/00f under SLC4.

#include "TCanvas.h"
#include "TGraph.h"

int main()

  TCanvas *c1 = new TCanvas("c2","Graph Canvas",250,50,700,700);
  c1 -> Divide(1,1,0.01,0.01);
  c1 -> cd(1);

  const Int_t n = 20;
  Double_t x[n], y1[n], y2[n];
  for (Int_t i=0;i<n;i++) {
    x[i] = i*0.1;
    y1[i] = 10*sin(x[i]+0.2);
    y2[i] = 5*sin(x[i]+0.5);
  } //for

  TGraph *graph1 =  new TGraph(n,x,y1);
  TGraph *graph2 =  new TGraph(n,x,y2);

  graph1 -> SetMarkerStyle(20);
  graph1 -> SetMarkerColor(1);
  graph1 -> SetLineStyle(1);
  graph1 -> SetLineColor(1);
  graph1 -> SetLineWidth(4);
  graph1 -> Draw("APL");

  graph2 -> SetMarkerStyle(21);
  graph2 -> SetMarkerColor(2);
  graph2 -> SetLineStyle(2);
  graph2 -> SetLineColor(2);
  graph2 -> SetLineWidth(4);
  graph2 -> Draw("PL");

  c1 -> Print("graph.eps","eps");
  c1 -> Print("graph.png","png");
  c1 -> Print("graph.gif","gif");


What I see with the latest root is a bit different. The line style is fine with the linked program but the line width does not apply. Note it is enough to execute the macro in batch mode to see the effect (root -b) .
We will investigate.

drawing of thick dashed lines in batch mode is not implemented yet.

Regards. Valeriy

we implemented thick dashed drawing in the batch mode.
Thanks for reminding about this missed feature.

Regards. Valeriy