Line number limit in macros?

Hi everyone,

I have a copy of some old data on my laptop in the form of a macro (.C) file created from a TCanvas from Root 5.34. It consists of a 2048x2048 2D histogram, and is about 67000 lines long full of “SetBinContent” lines. This macro will not run, currently. It sits and hangs at “Processing yyy.C…”. Even a test cout line at the beginning of the macro does not get processed.

I have other macros produced from TCanvas from this era that still run, but are in general much shorter. I grabbed a subsection of the troublesome macro and it ran fine. Is there a length limit to macros in Root6?

I can get to this data another way, but was wondering if I can still use this macro? I’m on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 and am running Root 6.11/02. I used to store figures for papers in this manner and found it very convenient.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this solution is listed somewhere. I did some searching but could not locate an answer.

Yes this is a known issue we encountered with cling. One fix we did was to change these many calls to SeBitContent to a more clever way when we generate the macro. But as you are using an old macro you still have these huge number of calls. In principle with ROOT 6.12 (soon released) it should be fine even with this long macro. That’s not the length of the macro which creates problems but the number of calls to a function.

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