Libzip mess (ROOT cmake problem)

building ROOT from source (git head)
find_package(ZLIB REQUIRED) from core/zip/CMakeLists.txt returns ZIP lib from my Postgre14 installation (cause it’s in the $PATH) which is wrong.
How to avoid this mess and to force to use the “builtin ZIP”?
Why “the builtin ZIP” is not a default option?

Regards. Valeriy

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_ROOT Version:git head
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May be @bellenot has an answer.

Hi Valeriy,

Add the -Dbuiltin_zlib=ON CMake option, or check it in the cmake-gui.
And is it on Windows? We could consider making builtin_zlib=ON by default. Note that this kind of issue might occur with other options.

Cheers, Bertrand.

Yes, it’s win.
Bertrand, check the git-head.
I could’nt build.

… and there are many errors with RooFit

Regards. Valeriy

I build every day, and our CI incremental build is green on Windows. What are the errors you got? Which version of Visual Studio? Which configuration (Win32/Win64)?

I’ll re-check it again.
Bertrand, why not “raise builtin priority”?

I’ll check. Note that it’s the first time someone has this issue on Windows…

it’s pity
but old good days of 10K ROOTscribers are gone when such news be bomb

I see obvious ROOT degradation, after R&F : (

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