Legend title disappaer in ROC plot in TMVA

I am using TMVA from ROOT version 5.34/05. During the testing of many classification methods, whenever the number of methods go larger than 2, the legend title of all the methods in the ROC plot is not displayed. However, when upto two classifiers are used, legend title in roc plot is intact.

How this problem can be tackled.


Can you save your plot as a .root file or a .C macro and post it here ?

The problem is over now. When TMVAClassification.C with various methods are tried, it generates the root file “TMVA.root”. Now suppose, I run the classification again, without removing TMVA.root file, the title of legends do not appear in the ROC plot. However, once TMVA.root file is removed and generated afresh, the problem disappears. This way, I have tested 8 classifiers with legend titles for all the classifiers in the ROC plot.