Legend Colours for RooPlot


I am drawing RooPlots on a TCanvas and then adding a legend entry for each plot. The lines for the plots show up in red and black, however on the legend the markers and lines are all in black.
It seems similar to the problem discribed here:

Is it possible for a TLegend to get the colour information from RooPlots? If not is there a way for me to add the colours directly to the legend entries? I have tried using TLegend->GetEntry() and then adding the colour to the TLegendEntry. However this only gets the first entry which was added to the legend and I don’t see how I can access the rest.

If there is no solution to this could you suggest an alternative? In the included macro I use plotOn() but in the real application I need to use plotOnXY() to get asymmetric error bars. Therefore creating a TF1 or TH1 from the RooRealVar would not be suitable.

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I am not familiar with RooPlot but according to root.cern.ch/root/html/RooPlot.html it does not seems to inherit from any of the TAttxxx classes… so it is normal that TLegend does not work (by definition of TLegend).