Launching ROOT::Experimental::RBrowser in web

I know this is a experimental feature. I used to use ROOT via Jupyter, but that isn’t possible lately due to some clashing between ROOT and cppyy’s Python package. I found ROOT7 comes with RBrowser that is built upon Chrome and HTML and some demo of exposing other web interfaces to the web. So, is it possible to expose RBrowser to the web? I can’t find how to do so in the documents.


@linev can help you.


RBrowser, RCanvas, REve and RFitPanel using RWebWindow class for implementing web-based displays. Behind there is THttpServer instance running, serving HTTP requests. Possible parameters for configuring this http server can be found in correspondent docu. All these parameters should be specified in .rootrc file.


If you are just interested in looking at a ROOT file in a web browser, you can also check out JSROOT.

Some comment about Jupyter - there is idea to support RWebWindow functionality inside Jupyter lab. In that case all ROOT web-based widgets could be used interactively from Jupyter web-browser.

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I’m trying to interact with ROOT (write, run code) from the web. But launching a ROOT kernel from Jupyter is not possible for me due to conflict with cppyy in other packages that I use; I had to set some env variables to get cppyy work properly, but cause ROOT to not work. I can’t unset the variables in Jupyter so RBrowser seems to be the only option for me.

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