LaTeX rendering in TMultiDimFIt

Hello all,

the documentation page for TMultiDimFit

had two small problems as of two days ago.
On my system, firefox (v38, running on CentOs7) would not attempt to render LaTeX content due to mixed active content blocking … ed_content"

(because the mathjax js file was loaded with http and not with https).
Once I turned off mixed active content blocking by means of an addon, the page displayed fine up to some small errors (typos in equation and broken links). My attempt to fix both issues are attached as patchfiles (the extension .patch would not upload for some reason). Unfortunately I think there is no way to get formulas in doxygen image captions :confused:

It seems the renderer was switched in the meantime, but I think this did not fix all errors.
Best, Valentin
Doxyfile.txt (579 Bytes)
TMUltiDimFit.cxx (3.78 KB)

many thanks Valentin.

Now the the math formulae appear correctly here: