Lambda functions to create a TF2

It is great to use lambda functions to create a TF1 and capture whatever we want.
Not the same possibility for TF2?
Cheers, Ricardo

Hi Ricardo,

Totally (and apologies for the super slow reply…)!

root [0] TF2 f2("f2", [](double* x, double*p) { return x[0] + x[1] * p[0]; }, 0., 1., 0., 1., 1 /*npar*/)
(TF2 &) Name: f2 Title: f2
root [1] f2.SetParameter(0, 1.)
root [2] f2.Eval(1., 2.)
(double) 3.0000000

Cheers, Axel.

Great. Thanks a lot Axel for your response and the example.
If I may suggest, it would be great having this info in ROOT: TF2 Class Reference.
Something like the TF1 page, that pedagogically details the types of functions that can be created.
Snippets are widely appreciated!
Cheers, Ricardo

Hi @rpiegaia ,
I bet @couet or @moneta would accept a pull request in this direction :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Otherwise, they have now been informed of the suggestion!


Once it will be approved (and merged) this PR will add this additional example in the TF2 documentation. Thanks

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PR merged, the new piece of documentation will appear in the reference guide in the next build.

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