Labels not visible on TGraph2D

I’m trying to plot a TGraph2D (using ROOT version 6.06/06), using the code below:

 TGraph2D * Graph = new TGraph2D(nPoints, x, y , z);

 TCanvas * c1 = new TCanvas("c1","",900,700);

 gStyle->SetPalette(kBlueRedYellow );

 tempGainNoise->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("X title"); 
 tempGainNoise->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("Y title");



This produces the following:

Whilst the colours are lovely, the axis labels and titles are reduced to tiny grey dots. Is there some difference with the way TGraph2D is drawn that explains this?

I cannot reproduce it. See the attached example.

graph2d20.C (965 Bytes)

Thanks for the help. I can reproduce the shape of the graph but not the labels, which suggests the problem is with my root settings and not the TGraph itself.

It looks like it is. Can you start ROOT with option -n to not execute the rootlogon.C macro ?

That solved the issue. Thank you.

So you better fine what is doing this in your rootlogon.C ? maybe … :slight_smile:

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