Issues with saving data from docker running ROOT

ROOT Version: 6.26/10
Platform: Docker, MacOS
Compiler: Not Provided

I am using a M1 MacBook Air. I installed docker and run ROOT in it, using the pull root project command provided by docker.
The ROOT programme is running normally but the graphs cannot but visualised. When I tried to save the plots into my computer as images, the following error appeared:

root.exe ERROR: cannot open image file “testplot_9238-aa.png” for writing. Please check permissions.

XQuartz is installed and the preference is set according to the instructions on the docker website.

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It looks like the folder in which you are running ROOT does not have the “write permissions”. If you plan to run ROOT on your mac you can also use the native Cocoa version (no need for XQuartz). Why did you need to go via “docker” ? You could have taken a native version here: Release 62800 - ROOT

The common version does not seem to be able to run on apple silicon Macs. But I don’t see any tutorial online about apple silicon specifically.

It does… of course. We install ROOT on M1 and M2 machines.

Can you run ROOT in the Xcode IDE?

I don’t do it but I think so.

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