Issue with TEfficiency::Draw() root_v5.27.06


I’m using the TEfficiency class which is great except the TEfficiency::Draw() options don’t work as advertised (I think).

First, Draw with no argument doesn’t work (there are no axis), so you must do Draw(“ap”), but the documentation says that should be the default.

Second, if the passed entries is zero, I always, get an upper error = 1 on my plot. I thought this is the “E0” option, but I seem to always get it.

Anyway, this will be an extremely useful class in the future, for now, I’ll probably still need to use TH1::Divide, with the “B” option.



The option “E0” works as advertised only in the trunk and not in 5.27.06. The reference documentation refers to the trunk.
For the Draw() method, it is true it did not work as advertised. I have committed now a fix in the trunk.
(revision 37134)

Thank you for your post,