Issue with ROOT installation from source in MAC

Dear ROOT experts,

I have been trying to install root version 6.20 from source. I am following the instructions at this page:
I am using MAC OS Catalina 10.15 with cmake version 3.17 and clang version 11.03.

I can successfully build it but the file ROOTConfig-targets.cmake is not showing up as expected. In this file, I am getting

INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES “/Users/rbgarg/Applications/root-6.20.02/proof/proof/inc”

Instead, the one expected


This difference is causing the issue when I try to install another software which has ROOT dependency and is not able to find the correct ROOT include files.

Could you suggest me what can be the possible solution?

Thank you,

may be @oshadura can help you

Hi, sorry for late reply!

Are you actually installing ROOT (e.g. check my example)?


If you install it and use from the installation directory and not from build directory as I am expecting you do, you will see next lines in ROOTConfig-targets.cmake are properly generated:

/home/oksana/CERN/ROOT/cmake/ROOTConfig-targets.cmake:  INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES "${_IMPORT_PREFIX}/include"

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