Issue with drawing speed of Markers in 6.22.00

Dear Rooters,
I see a problem with the speed when drawing markers
in root 6.22.00 on Linux.
The att hsran.C (1.0 KB) illustrates this:

Filling   : Real Time =   0.09 seconds Cpu Time =   0.09 seconds
Draw2d_Marker_0: Real Time =   0.05 seconds Cpu Time =   0.03 seconds
Draw2d_Marker_2: Real Time =   9.42 seconds Cpu Time =   0.08 seconds

When running the process Xorg takes all CPU time.
With 6.20.04 this does not happen.


ROOT Version: 6.22.00
Platform: Ubuntu 18.04.4
Compiler: gcc version 7.5.0

Hi Otto,
This needs to be check. Can you file a Jira report ?

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