Issue with combined dataset

Dear Experts,
I have weighted a RooDataSet for my analysis.
But, when I prepared a combined dataset out of these weighted dataset for simultaneous fitting,
my weighted dataset distribution changed and it became unweighted.

The combined dataset is defined as :
RooDataSet combData(“combData”, “combined data”, variables, Index(sample),
Import({{“cat_2016”, wt_mc_16},
{“cat_2017”, wt_mc_17},
{“cat_2018”, wt_mc_18}}));
, where wt_mc_16, wt_mc_17 and wt_mc_18 are my weighted dataset.

Here are the plots attached for both weighted and unweighted dataset.

  1. weighted dataset :

  2. unweighted dataset:

Best regards,

Hi Samar,

Thanks for the post and welcome to the ROOT Community!

Could you post a minimal reproducer showing the problem you are encountering?


Dear @Danilo ,
Thanks for your quick response.
I fixed the issue by specifying a WeightsVar(), while combining the weighted dataset.

Best regards,

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