Isocurves values plotted on the graph

Hi all,

I have a TProfile2D object that I plot with the option:

Palette on the pad right explains the colors used in the plot itself, but I would like color corresponding values plotted close by each isocurve, on the graph itself.

Is it possible?
Can you help me?


I am not completly sure what you mean by " close" . Do you want to move the Palette on the right closer to the plot ? you can do that interactively, then you can save the canvas in a .C file to see how it can be done direclty with C++ coding.

just to explain my self, I looked for a picture on the web similar to what I would like to produce: … iiicri.png

you see the colour corresponding number written directly on the iso lines.

Am I clear now?


Yes it is clear now. ROOT does not provide this automatically. value should be drawn using a text. An exemple is available here: