Is TLorentzVector got some limitation

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ROOT Version: 6.26/06
Platform: Ubuntu20.04
Compiler: C

Is TLorentzVector got some limit?
For when I tape

TLorentzVector particle[100][100-1];

every thing goes well.
But when I tape

TLorentzVector particle[1000][1000-1];

something simply goes wrong,like this.

seems ok on Mac:

root [0] TLorentzVector particle[1000][1000-1];
root [1] 

Before starting “root”, execute, e.g.: ulimit -S -s 102400

After execute ulimit -S -s 102400,It works now ,
Thanks for your advise.
Best regards.

Looks like you were hitting a memory limit.

Yes indeed,seems that I need to learn more knowledge about computers,or just change one.
Thanks for your reply.
Best regards.