Is there any way to generate RooNDKeysPDF faster?

As I want to generate a 2-D PDF using RooNDKeysPDF with a slightly large data set (about 10,000 entries), it usually takes me several hours. Are there any ways to generate it faster? Thanks.

Hello @pinchun,

The NDKeysPdf is unfortunately not written with performance in mind. It’s on the list of classes to be overhauled, but that will not happen this year.
Would you want to try Roo2DKeysPdf, even though it says it’s superseded?

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Thank you @StephanH, I tried Roo2DKeysPDF and I feel it is indeed faster than ND (I did not recorded the exact time).

Furthermore, the PDF generated can be saved, so I don’t need to generate it everytime I want to use it.
(For the ND case, it cannot be saved, so I have to wait for it slowly generating every time… ) Therefore it really saves my time.

Thank you very much!

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