Is there a Root macro for drawing mass spectrum?


I’m wondering whether there is a Root macro for drawing mass spectrum, something like this plot:

(which is made by ROOT, right?). I know that it is not difficult to do so. But it would cost sometime (on fine-tuning) to make such a beautiful plot.:slight_smile: It would be much easier if we have some Root macro to follow.

Thanks a lot.

Cheers, Jibo

You want exactly that plot or something generic allowing to do this kind of plots ? that’s text, line and arrows, so surely that kind of plot can be done using ROOT.

That would be very nice if that plot was indeed made with ROOT, and the ROOT macro is available. We can start from it. Or something similar would be helpful. I know that we can make such plot with ROOT (yes, ROOT can do everything :smiley: ), it is only a time problem.

Here it is

mass_spectrum.C (3.18 KB)