Is there a plan for Monterey binary (ies)?

Hi there,

I’m running the mac osx binary for 6.24.06 with Xcode 13.0 for Monterey 12.1. This is running fine. I was wondering if there is a plan to make a binary for Xcode 13.2? Not a big deal. It would just avoid reinstalling Xcode 13.0 when 13.2 gets installed, e.g. this seems to happen for me at a Monterey 12.x upgrade. But since it is a new year, I thought that this might be ‘on the plate’.

thanks, RD

I am not sure about that. May be @axel has an idea.

Totally, we always release the newest (also patch) releases for the newest Xcode that a macOS version supports - simply because it’s terrible to ask people to downgrade their Xcode! v6.26 is coming up and should be built with the newest Xcode.

Thank you @Axel ! see you, RD

(in the meantime, one can always use groot :P)

As of today, in the nightly builds, I can see several files named root_v6.26.99.macos-11.6 . No files marked macos-12.2 0r 12.1 . Do you have a (approximate) date for the release of a Xcode 13.2.1 compatible root?

Thanks @mlo for the ping. We’ve just fixed it this morning; the file will appear in less than 24 hours. Until then you can take it from here: Index of /download e.g. root_v6.27.01.macos-12.1-x86_64-clang130.pkg


Thank you! The new version for 12.1 works with all my files… However, my last OS version is 12.2, not 12.1. Thank you again.

Thanks @mlo should be fixed in time for tomorrow’s builds!

Ehmm… My MacBook has an M1 chip. Do you think that an arm64 version will be available too?

Ha, sorry, I must have missed that :slight_smile:

It’s there now: Index of /download/nightly see e.g.

Thanks. root_v6.27.01.macos-12.2-x86_64-clang130.pkg works fine with updated Xcode dev tools.


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