Is it possible to build root without X11 but with ASImage?

Hello all,
I am trying to setup a root build environment inside a virtual machine, where I do not feel like installing X11; I found that when configured with --disable-x11, ASImage is always disabled. It is documented that ASImage depends on AfterImage, which requires X11; but AfterImage can be configured to build without X11. I tried building a custom AfterImage without X11, and --disable-builtin-afterimage, but ASImage remain disabled.
So I am wondering, does ASImage rely on some X11-specific features in AfterImage? If not it should be fairly trivial to build it without X11.
I appreciate your help.

You can use “Afterimage only” in batch mode.
But yes, very likely Asimage needs X11 anyway.

You can try and let us know,