Intersection of simple shapes (points/lines/surfaces) in 3D geometry with ROOT

Hi all,

Let’s assume I want to find an intersection of a lines/planes in a 3D geometry e.g.:

  • plane with a line
  • plane and plane

These are quite trivial to be implemented by user, but I was wondering is there any ROOT dedicated methods for that?

I could find Intersection() methods here which is exactly what I am looking for, although this looks like only for OpenGL under the hood usage. And return types TGLVertex3 instead of TVector3 or XYZVector look weird.

Is there anything else?

I found similar forum post from 2011 which asks the same for more complex Geometries here with a promising answer “You bet there are”
and a broken link :grinning:.

What is up to date status on this?


Hi Bohdan,

You can use following link as starting point of Geometry documentation:

Old links a dead unfortunately.


The Geometry part of Reference Guide has been updated . This link is accessible from the page @linev mentionned.

Thanks for the link!

However, I couldn’t find any intersection methods I was curious about in the original message.
Again, I found only ones, related to the OpenGL.

So do I understand correctly that these methods don’t exist in the current ROOT version?
Or I fail at searching?


To my understanding, only intersection between different shapes are implemented.
See ROOT: TGeoCompositeShape Class Reference


May be @agheata has an idea,

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