Interpolate pixels plot on logarithmic scale

Hi all,

I want to do an interpolation of all pixels of a TCanvas logarithmic plot from data I took.
I need to do this interpolation just to get more contrast on my plot and to get rid of some “false” pixels.
The white pixels need to fit better into the rest of the data. Let’s start to look at 2 neighbors.
What should be an effective way to do this?

I just tried to get the value of one “blue” pixel and compare that to all others…but that doesn’t give the result I want.

[code]for(int i=0; i<size; i++){
for(int j=0; j<size; j++){
double value = hFrame->GetBinContent(i,j);

		double diff = value - valueb;

		if (diff < 0) {
			hFrame -> SetBinContent(i,j, valueb);


To get a better contrast why don’t you change the color map ?

have you tried to set the Z Scale in log ?

This is made with a custom map and logz. I just want to improve the “bad” pixels this gives.

The way you proceed, in the few lines of code you sent, seems correct but to really investigate the problem we will need a running piece of code.